Last weekend, my friends and I decided to head to San Diego to celebrate the Labor Day holiday. We had not seen each other since the bar in February, and it was a great way to reconnect. However, as we are all just starting our careers, and some are still looking for jobs, we knew we needed to keep costs low.

For me, just being able to admit that and know that you aren’t being judged is a mark of a great friendship. I’ve often been in situations where I’ve ended up spending much more money than planned, just to keep up with the group’s lifestyle. In fact, I once paid $100 for a breakfast for 3 people because I felt guilty about the unbalanced financial situation. It’s ridiculous, and I’m trying to avoid a repeat of that fiasco.

So, here’s how we planned our frugal vacation:

—We stayed in someone’s home. My friend’s parents own a beautiful home in Chula Vista. Sure, it would have been great to rent a beach-front property in La Jolla, but this was much more practical and comfortable.

—We split meals.

—We opted to drive, and shared the cost of gas. Much cheaper than a plane ticket!

—We drank at home, instead of going out to bars and clubs.

Total cost for this 4 day vacation weekend? $80. Yep, i’m pretty happy about that!


Anyone else celebrate a frugal weekend??