My job is actually pretty cushy. I don’t <yet> work the 60-80 hour weeks, or come in on weekends, or have to bill a ridiculous amount of hours a year. I love it.

Guess who’s not loving it so much? The bf. I left him at our lonely apartment to deal with a lot of issues.

First—Living apart is more expensive! Right? How did I not think of this? Bf’s bills went up when I wasn’t there to contribute, and I’m now paying to manage a second household closer to my job.

Second— Our weekend travel bills are ridiculous. Like, two weeks ago my bf spent almost $400. In on weekend. To ‘make the most of our time together.’ It’s a horrible habit, and I’m pretty ashamed of it.

Third—We fight more. The only time we get to talk on the phone is at the end of very long days, and we’re both tired and cranky. Not worth it.

Fourth—Our friends and family are missing us, because we only want to spend time with each other on the weekends.


So yesterday I finally had ‘the talk’ with my boss. Honestly, I think my coworkers prepped him a bit, which made it a lot easier. He told me that family and relationships always come first, and that I should not feel guilty about making that decision. A victim of law school divorce himself, he knows that the pressure, time commitment, and financial stress put a heavy burden on relationships. Lawyers are one of the top professions to get divorced, and for female attorneys, it’s even higher.

And guess what? Divorce is expensive! A PF nightmare. A situation I’d very much like to avoid.

I guess the next step is to plan for the next 3-6 months and decide what the next step is. My boss did ask that I give him a few months notice in order to find a replacement attorney. No problem.

I also need to weigh the financial pros and cons of leaving this great job environment, but hopefully finding a higher paying job in my bf’s city. Wish me luck!