It would be way too difficult to sum up my feelings about Sallie Mae in a simple blog post, but words like ‘hate’ and ‘the enemy’ and ‘absolute and utter frustration’ often come to mind.

We are not friends.


I usually call Sallie Mae at least once a week for some type of glitch on my online account. I spend about 20 minutes on hold (as seen on my Verizon bill every month, thank you very much), then the operator appears with a message about some obscure system error that only takes place during my phone calls, and finally a customer service rep is unable to adequately answer any of my questions.

It is a miserable process.

To minimize contact, I make all of my payments online and with Automatic Debit.  However, today I again opened my my online account and find a message alerting me of my late payments. Late payments?! I check my bank account: yep, there’s the Sallie Mae Educational Service Processing payment.

I call my all-knowing customer service rep, who tells me that I should know that it takes 2-4 days to process payments.

I understand that, I say. 

So I don’t understand why you’re confused, he says. Your payment is late.

But Sallie Mae set up my payment schedule, and takes out my payment on the same day each month, I say. So if Sallie Mae knows this, why do they still alert me to my supposed lateness?

Oh, that must be another glitch, he says. We are still working on our system. Or, maybe your payment really is late.

I hang up.


How worried should I be that this is America’s number one student loan service provider??